Investment offers

The Przasnysz county prioritizes economic development and competitiveness reflected in creating conditions for investments in our area.  This is why we have created in our area groups of investment areas that are completely ready to locate multi-directional business ventures.



The area of Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo near Przasnysz is the largest, fully developed and accessible to investors. The zone covers an area of 306 ha. The county self-government has equipped the area with all the necessary technical infrastructure: 14 megawatts electricity network, gas connection, lighting, telecommunications network, sanitary and rainwater sewage system, waterworks, internal and access roads, pedestrian and bicycle routes. The entire area of the Zone is covered by the current spatial development plan for the production activity, services and aviation activities.

The uniqueness of Przasnysz zone also lies in its excellent communication network, which saves time and cost of entrepreneurs. Roads and tracks are not enough. Here, one can come to the factory for negotiations, but one can also arrive and depart from the adjacent airstrip. This location greatly increases the efficiency of management and implementation of innovative technologies.

So far 40 companies have bought over 160 ha of land. The county office has issued building permits to 29 companies, of which a dozen have already started production or service activities based on completed private investments.

What do we offer in the Przasnysz Economic Zone?

We currently offer investment plots of land located in two areas of the Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo:

– Special Economic Zone, currently under the management of the Warmia-Mazury Special Economic Zone – 69 plots – a total of –  41,1793 ha;

– other investment area – 61 plots – a total of 55,2735 ha.

In addition, the Warsaw University of Technology recently purchased 76.63 ha of land for aviation activities (current airstrip). This purchase is related to the implementation of the project devoted to Field  Firing Range for experimental and introductory purposes, which is executed by the Warsaw University of Technology. Based on the purchased airstrip, the university authorities plan to build a laboratory and a workshop facility building, where light aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) research will be conducted to support, among others, agriculture, forestry, modern material technologies and airspace monitoring.

The project has already received EU funding and its implementation has started. In the future, it will enable the development of the Przasnysz airstrip – transforming it into a public use airport with a concrete runway and facilities , as well as launching airline pilot trainings and courses in aircraft maintenance. It will also allow for the development of the global industrial and R&D syndicate in the county, which are already cooperating with the Warsaw University of Technology, such as Airbus, Lockheed Martin or General Electric. 

In 2014, the zone near Przasnysz became a finalist  of the nationwide competition ‘The Golden Site’.

The Przasnysz county also has attractive plots of land designer for the development of:

  1. services with housing function (2,9646 ha) – 5 plots located at Przemysłowa Street;
  2. single-family housing (1,4184 ha) – 10 plots located at Poziomkowa Street and Wiejska Street.

These plots may be a back-up for investors considering the location of their companies in the Przasnysz Economic Zone.



The Przasnysz County also offers attractive areas located in the sub-zone of the Przasnysz Economic Zone in Chorzele where Kronospan has already bought 94 ha (declared investments for PLN 2 billion).

The county offers 2 investment areas:

– 11 plots of land of 33,3128 ha located in the PSG Sub-zone,

– 12 plots of land of 12,5337 ha located by the city of  Chorzele ring-road under construction.

In 2016, the economic zone in Chorzele was the laureate of the nationwide competition ‘The Golden Sites’.

The count has also 22,34 ha at its disposal in Chorzele, intended for the planned retention and recreation reservoir.

The town of  Przasnysz i Chorzele are connected by a road and infrastructure belt, which connect both sub-zones of the Przasnysz Economic Zones.

This belt includes county roads No. 3213W linking Przasnysz – Kobylaki – Brzeski Kołaki and No. 3234W Stara Wieś – Chorzele – Krasnosielc (on the section Chorzele – Brzeski).

The county road No. 3213W currently has a bituminous roadway with a width of 6.0 m for a cross-section and 7.0 m for a street section. In the right-of-way at km 1 + 325 – 24 + 365 an overhead high voltage 110kV power network was located connecting the transformer stations located in Chorzele and Przasnysz. The high-voltage power-line also serves as energy security for the northern part of the Mazovian voivodship and the Przasnysz county. As a part of the modernization of the above road (a road lane was purchased and expanded to 22.0 m), there was built on the right side  a cycling lane independent of the road, made of bituminous mass, 2.0 m wide at km 2 + 654 – 24 + 361 . On the urban section (at 0 + 032 – 2 + 654 km), the cycling lane is  connected with the pavement to form a 3.0 m wide walking and cycling route made of cobblestones. In 2015, along the road at km 3 + 894 – 24 + 357, an increased medium pressure gas network up to 1.0 Mpa PE dn 250 was laid, providing economic zones in Przasnysz and Chorzele with access to gas.

The county road No. 3234W on the section Brzeski – Chorzele has a surface made of bituminous mass, including a 6.0 m wide roadway and double-sided 2.0 m wide cycling lanes separated from the road by the line road marking. In the town, the cycling lanes are connected with footpaths to form a 2.5 m wide pedestrian – cycle path on the right. In the road lane of the aforementioned road, similarly to the county road No. 3213W, an overhead HV 110kV power network was located on the left and in 2015 a increased medium pressure gas network was laid up to 1.0 MPa PE dn 250 at km 12 + 346 – 14 359.

The above roads have a horizontal marking along their entire length – a painted road axis (for road No. 3234W renewed in 2018) and street lighting installed in built-up areas and hazardous places.

Download the detailed investment offer –  here

Download the Site Check List of the Przasnysz Subzonehere

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